The Bobby Flay Audition Tape:

This is a video of my Audition for Grilling With Bobby Flay

The Crash:

This is a video of my crash in Switzerland 08/03/09

Sopapilla Lady:

This was a super nice lady who had a sopapilla stand in Niebla Chile

Monster Promo:

This was a video we shot for Monster Energy Drink.

Empenada Stand Chile:

This was the Empenada stand at the Niebla fair in Chile


This is a nice jump off a local bridge

T&L Shopping Trip:

This is where we go for “crazy” veggie stuff.


This was a BASE competition in Gdansk Poland. I got 5th place. You had to Jump, hit the target, stow your gear, jump a wall and get away in a car. Lowest time won.

Bangkok River Boat:

This is the only way to get around in Bangkok. One side of the city to the other for .25 cents.

Mock Duck Salad:

This is a video recipe for a simple all veg salad. We used to serve it at Ono Sushi.

Family Xmas NYC:

This is a video of sean and I at Family Christmas dinner 09. Lots of Grandmas recipes!


A fast motion trip coast to coast.