The Bobby Flay Audition Video

Ok Ok I know. If I’m really a non-conforming anarchist type chef guy then what am I doing submitting an audition tape for the new Bobby Flay show? I will admit that was my immediate reaction too. ¬†Actually it went more like this. “Why the #%&! would I want to do that. I &%$#@!* hate reality television”. My friends logical advice won out and in the end we moved forward with the project and, as with most things that get presented to me, It has been an amazing experience.

The premise was simple. Film a weekend Bbq with friends. As with everything else on this sight I don’t make this stuff up. It’s not an act. I thought who better to throw a free Bbq for than a bunch of dirt bag sky divers, no offense, I new you’d be hungry. So we ordered up some ribs and chicken, made a bunch of side dishes and headed down to Sky Dive San Diego for a day of food and free fall. We were joined by Cris Borgnine world renowned cinematographer and Producer/CEO of tenacity entertainment Lloyd Brian Adams. It was a real lesson on how to do film making right. I came away from the day with an elementary, yet working knowledge of the new HD cam equipment we had purchased. Thanks Guys!

It was also really good to be back in the air with friends. This was the first real day of jumping since my accident in Switzerland last summer. All in all it was such a good, educational, fun, relaxed and casual day that the whole Bobby Flay T.V. show outcome really becomes unimportant. Just doing what comes natural, having fun, and making the simplist thing into an adventure.

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