Grandmas Potato Chocolate Spice Cake
Grandma Somerset’s Potato Chocolate Spice Cake:

Grandma Somerset’s Potato Chocolate Spice Cake. Cream butter. Add sugar and yolks of eggs. Then hot potatoes….

Sour Cream Coffee Cake:

One day a year we would get that Sour Cream Coffee cake no matter what.My Brother has taught his daughters how to cook this coffee cake and when I go to his house for Christmas there it is. It is wonderful to see the his girls pull that sweet smelling cake from the oven on Christmas morning and to know…

St Patricks Day Sugar Cookies:

I get down on St Patricks Day. I know its just a made up American holiday, but my Grandma used to send me a card every year to say she loved me and to remind me that I’m Irish…