Number One Sauce

Thats right folks. Here it is. Just like every burger joints secret sauce is Ketchup and Mayonnaise, there is a Sushi secret sauce as well. It is a tradition that is passed down from chef to chef and generation to generation. It is so secret that disclosing it may very well cost me my position in the Sushi community. I will most likely be shunned from the this world forever. Cast out into the culinary void where people have to survive on say classic french cooking. It is a complicated and time consuming process that only the most skilled chef dare tackle.

Do I dare tell….I do.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in all food that tastes good to the person eating it.  I am not a sushi nazi who won’t give you wasabi or make you a California Roll. I might try to nudge you towards something more subtle or complex but heh if thats what you want you got it. Home alone I mix ketchup with horseradish all the time and dip my vegetarian nuggets in it. So who am I to say what you should or shouldn’t smother your food in.

The secret ingredients of the sauce so vaunted it is named number one are……


1 Gallon QP style Japanese Mayonaise
1 Large bottle Siracha
This is an industrial size recipe. For a home recipe take any old mayo and add siracha till you are happy with the heat.


Put both ingredients in bowl and mix until smooth and completely incorporated.

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