Home Studio Kitchen Remodel Episode 1

This is the kitchen remodel project for the AnarchistChef. It is another typical event in a life led on whimsy and self propulsion. I believe in serendipity and as a result I don’t like to plan much.

Our home has been a work in progress for eight years. That is when I bought all of the matching, keyed the same, door knobs for the french doors that would eventually open out from all of the rooms in the house. I installed the last one yesterday. It was put on the double french doors that open onto the back patio from the new breakfast nook that is on the end of what will eventually become our knew kitchen/home studio for the AnarchistChef project. Before that all the knobs sat in the garage patiently waiting for their new duties, along with the uninstalled door, the hallway cabinet, the Bbq equipment, a broken full length mirror, 3 bicycles, 1 motorcycle, 5 paragliders, and a hot air balloon. I could have done the projects at anytime, but I didn’t. My laziness and procrastination have worked out perfectly.

All of the projects are now done. The Garage is almost empty, and I am exhausted but happy. The serendipitous part is the coming together of several people, events, and timing that have really driven this project forward.

The first is Arturo, who is an extremely hardworking and talented carpenter. He has been, because of the state of the building industry, unemployed for almost a year. I don’t like to nickel and dime people but the honest truth is a year ago I probably couldn’t have afforded him even if he had the time. Today he’s available to work 9 hours a day at a rate that fits my budget.

The second is the economy. As a result of the severe downturn in business I’ve really had to look at the possibility of completely changing everything. The only real asset we had was the house and our realtor friend Scott Holder told us that in this market we wouldn’t get what it was worth unless it was done. We decided to go all in dumping all our savings into finishing the house. I’m not driven by money anyway and I do really like to finish things I start. However, I am working 60 hours a week at the restaurant, so the projects would move like a snail if I wasn’t able to hire a helper. Actually it’s the other way around. With me helping Arturo I can barely keep up with him.

Third is the never ending example of the limitless possibilities available in todays world that I get from @Legit Radio. I am continually blown away by my buddy Chris Cantore who found himself out of work after clear channel, in the form of 91X, failed to renew his contract. After a year of offering his services to other stations to no avail he started www.legitRadio.com. This isn’t just an internet radio station. In my humble opinion, it is the best radio station in San Diego, and represents the future of radio as well as social media. What Chris has been able to do using web 2.0 is to keep his loyal fans and friends together as a group while he was off the air, and they have completely reassembled around his new online radio station. Legit radio start up cost $3200 imac, $99 web cam, $129 microphone, entertainment priceless. Are you listening clear channel? That’s a complete radio station for less than $3500, and the best part is he took all your listeners with him.

Fourth is my buddy lee who introduced me to Arturo and has hooked me up with the Ono Sushi web site and the AnarchistChef website. We have 2000 followers @onosushi and 2000 more on facebook and 100’s of daily hits on both websites as well as a growing social network for the @anarchistchef. The deal is I love the anarchist spirit of social media. Gone are the days of pitching good ideas to the big studios and radio stations only to be shot down, stifling the creative spirit with their bottom line mentality.  Gone are the days of laying out huge sums of money to advertising agencies and publications in an effort to reach your target market (maybe). The goal with this website is to bring you into the adventure that is food and give you a small window into my goofy ass life. Welcome to the first installment of the Anarchistchef.

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