Hoisin BBQ Sauce

This is one of my all time favorite sauces, mainly because of its versatility.  I use it as a basic BBQ sauce, on the plate, as a glaze, and as a poaching liquid for chicken before grilling.  It lasts forever and people love it!  I venture to the kitchen at my restaurant today and look for my recipe book. My original recipes are long gone – Dog eared, stained and unreadable.  There is, however, a new recipe book with new recipes. Neatly converted in a basic kitchen lingo of Spanish and slang.  Now, mind you, I do not use recipes when I cook.  I get an idea, I test it, I adjust it, and then I train my crew to cook it.  I write it down at the end so that it won’t slowly change over time.  If I do write anything down initially it is a scrawled note of an idea I had so I won’t forget it. For Instance, “Try Sauteed pear slices with blue cheese.” I distinctly remember creating this recipe as a small batch (maybe a quart total) because  it was a sauce that originally went down on a plate under a grilled sirloin with yaki soba noodles and vegetables. The recipe, as it stands now, has become gallon sized.  I know it still tastes the same though because I used some just the other night for a dry run on a new menu item, “Hoisin Duck.”  What I will do now is write the recipe out in its restaurant size and convert it into household measurements. This will give anyone who is interested an insight into how I cook and a handy conversion table for Japanese commercial kitchen measurements (miso cups & Liters) to western home kitchen measurements of cups and spoons.

Hoisin BBQ Original Kitchen Recipe:
2 Latas de (5 pound cans of) Hoisin
2 bowl (miso Bowl) pnut oil (peanut oil)
2 azucar (miso bowls sugar)
1 agua (miso bowl water)
1 Tbsp ajo (garlic)
1/2 sal-peper (salt and pepper to taste)
Sansho peper
1 ginger (1 Tbsp ginger)
green onion
Cilantro picado
Basic Conversions:
1 US quart = 1 Liter plus a little
1 Japanese cup (for rice cookers) = 3/4 US cup
1 miso bowl = 1 cup or 8oz or 16 TBsp
1 #5 can = 5 1bs /80oz/10 cups/160 TBsp
Picado = A little
A #10 or 10 pound can is the largest can you will find in a warehouse  store like Costco.  Tomato paste or sauce is a common #10 can. A #5 or 5 pound can is the next size down.
Hoisin BBQ Recipe Cleaned Up Version:
20 cups Hoisin Sauce
2 cups peanut oil
2 cups sugar
1 cup water
1 TBsp Garlic
1 TBsp Ginger
1 bunch Green onions chopped
1 TBsp chopped Cilantro
Hoisin BBQ Recipe Home Kitchen:
2 8oz jars of Hoisin Sauce.  Available in any Asian market.
3-3.5 TBsp peanut oil
3-3.5 TBsp white sugar
2 TBsp Water
1-2 tsp Garlic
1-2 tsp Ginger
1 Pinch Sansho Pepper to taste
Chopped Green Onions
Chopped Cilantro
Splash Sesame oil
In a sauce pan bring sesame oil to heat. Add ginger, garlic, green onions and cilantro. Saute to marry flavors until garlic is cooked but not brown. Add Hoisin sauce then add in other ingredients.  Simmer but don’t reduce.
Don’t add any salt until finished if then because the hoisin sauce is salty. The water is used to adjust the consistency and the flavor of the sauce.  Add more or less to get the consistency you desire.  Strain this sauce if you are going to use it on a plate. Sansho pepper comes from  a Japanese mountain tree with a small fruit that looks like capers.  It is not related to pepper and has a distinct lemony flavor. It is traditionally served with broiled eel or unagi and is available in most Asian food stores.  Don’t be afraid to use more than a pinch as it makes the sauce. Let your taste guide you. I like the subtle flavor of green onion with this sauce.  Once sauteed they have a much more delicate flavor than white onions.  Use enough so some onion flavor comes through the hoisin sauce without overpowering it. Don’t forget we have reduced this down from gallon size and the measurements don’t always convert to taste.  Don’t be afraid to adjust.

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