Episode 3 – A Trip To Mexico

Week six of the Kitchen/home studio remodel. Things are progressing smoothly. No Major problems. Besides the daily drag of not having an un-cluttered home sanctuary from my hectic and cluttered life I can’t complain. Everything is on schedule and looking good.

Arturo got a full time job which sucks. Not for him for me. Actually, he finished taping and mudding which is about the only job I hate doing myself. Well, that and painting which I got my BASE jumping buddy Adam to do. He is a painting contractor by day and a fellow derelict by night so I knew I could count on him.

It’s been a breeze. Seriously, like I always say, It’s a lot of work, but the works just not that hard. I don’t mind going from 6A.M. until 9P.M. every day for 6 weeks, but I start longing for a good trip about three weeks into it. It seems like forever since I’ve been out of the country so I must admit I jumped at an invite down to the cabinet shop. I know it’s just TJ, but when Fidel told me not to film the outside of the shop because his cousin had been kidnapped, it seemed like more of an adventure. I could still see the hills above Otay lakes in SD but somehow it seemed much further away. I am a sucker for lawlessness.

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