Beef Tataki with Be Thui Sauce

Be Thui Dipping sauce for beef – a Vietnamese dipping sauce in the tradition of Nuoc Cham and Nuoc Mam Gang

I wanted to do a series of sauces showing how they are all related and similar in content while being radically different in flavor. This Be Thui sauce is traditionally served with beef. I took a tenderloin and just lightly pan seared it and presented it as a kind of Tataki/Carpaccio. It was just a spur of the moment thing to show a good use of the sauce. It knocked my socks off. Really!

I like it when stuff comes together. Some of the best food I have ever done is on the fly. Sometimes planning can be overrated. A South east asian sauce with a Japanese presentation combined with a classic European Carpaccio. I love it. the best part is its really simple. It’s all in a two minute video. Check it out.

Be Thui Sauce:

1 Hoisin
1 Sugar
1/4 Sambal Olek chile paste or 1-2 fresh or dried red chillies diced
2 Water
1 Ginger Finely Chopped
1/4 Garlic Finely chopped


Combine all ingredients.

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